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October  & November 2013
The Worthy Prez sez….
Fall is upon us. The beautiful summer weather went by so fast!! As I write this, I sit by my fire pit, having a beer or two and enjoying a fire. I cleaned the yard; had a fun conversation and enjoyed the beautiful fall day.
I would like to thank Larry b. and our Entertainment Committee for the great bands and D.J.’s we enjoyed this summer. It was a little expensive but well worth the money according to the feedback I received from the members. Entertainment is about done for now except for Kountry Klass playing at the adult Halloween Party on Saturday, October 26th. August was wild with storage wars, pig roast and red neck horseshoes. What a great crew it took to put on all these events. Thank you!! Our Friday Fish Fry’s are coming along nicely, making good money but we need some new volunteers to help. The Auxiliary Labor Day weekend Steak Fry was wonderful. The steak and corn had rave reviews. Don’t forget Sunday darts have started back up at 1 pm; Monday darts at 7 pm; Aerie work party the 2nd Wednesday of every month; Polish Fest October 5th – awesome Polish food and the Adult Halloween Party October 26th with the Kountry Klass Band for entertainment. AND, AND, AND the Michigan – Michigan State game, November 2nd – game time 1 pm – be early and get ready for some fun!!!

Doug MacLeod,
Worthy President 2013-2014

Aerie Chaplain Report
Get well cards were sent to Marty Drabek, who was in a terrible motorcycle accident; hope you are feeling a little better each day. Sympathy cards were sent to the following members, Gordy Gardner, on the passing of his sister, Mike Sanborn on the passing of his wife and to Judy Munch on the passing of her husband, Dennis.  Please remember these members in your prayers. Marion Beasley and Arnie Bartlett were in and out of the hospital so fast I didn't send them a card but we are glad they are doing fine. As the snowbirds leave please be safe in your travels and have a healthy winter! 
Dave Huggard,
Aerie Chaplain

Trustees Corner
We would like to welcome Bob Boroff back as Trustee. Don’t forget our Fish Fry the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month from 5 – 8 PM, Euchre Tournament the 3rd Friday of the month, Keep an eye on the Website and special event postings in the club because a lot of events that are going on may not get in the newsletter because of timing with the two month calendar. We want to accommodate our members by cashing their checks but has business slows it is hard to keep the cash needed for daily business.  Just a few reminders - In order to expedite delivery of your food orders, please remember to provide the table number you are sitting at whenever placing any food orders and children must be accompanied by an adult when playing pool. Remember the club when you are going out for a cocktail or some food and a never ending problem – please do not prop doors open due to the air conditioning being on or heat. Finally, it takes all the support of our members to maintain our Aerie so if anyone has anything to raffle for the club or ideas to make money for the club, please come forward. Thanks again, to all the function and work party volunteers.
Thank you,

Aerie Announcement
The bar grill will be closing at 8 pm during the week in the winter. Deep fry orders will still be taken.
Board of Trustees

Stuffed Potato Dinner
Thanks to everyone for supporting the tater dinner and to all my volunteers.
Deb Harris

Bake Sale
Just a note to thank everyone who baked or bought something at our August bake sale. You made it a success!!
Becky Sabourin

Red Neck Horsehoes
Redneck Horseshoes was a success again this year. We had a total of 21 teams with Howard and Terry taking first for the second year in a row. Claude and Mary came in second with Bill and Sharon taking third. The weather was perfect and a good time was had by all. The tournament takes place the third Saturday in August which is the same day as the Pig Roast. We will probably need a few new toilets this next year due to a few of them getting pretty well cracked up due to all the plungers hitting them. If you have an old toilet or see one, we could use them. Just take it to the Eagles club over by the garage and let us know it is there so we can put it away. Thanks so much for all the participation and hope to see you again next year.
Jim & Noreen Cooper

Steak Fry Thank You
Thanks to all the volunteers and those who came to eat at the Steak Fry.
Carol Nowak
The Madam Prez sez…
Hello sisters,
I want to thank all the bakers that donated items for the bake sale. Becky Sabourin and her helpers did a great job. Thanks to Deb Harris and her helpers for a tasty loaded baked potato dinner. When you come into the club please look at the board to see upcoming functions and sign up if you can. To all our members that are going away for the winter have a healthy and safe winter. Thanks to Carol and her crew for doing the Steak dinner. If you are interested in playing pool Thursdays there are 3 openings. You can let know by calling the club. Upcoming auxiliary functions are October 5th is the Polish Fest from 3 pm – 7 pm. October 12th there will be moonlight dart at 7p.m. There will be a Meat Raffle October 13th from 2 till 4 pm. The children's Halloween party will be from 2 pm. - 4 pm. on October 26th. The Harvest dinner will be November 15th from 5 pm. - 8 pm and finally last, but not least. November 16th there will be sliders from 4 pm. - 8 pm.

Anna Robinson,
Madam President 2013-2014,

Auxiliary Chaplain’s Report
Hello all!
The 2013-14 term is well on its way and I am very appreciative of the help and guidance I have been receiving from everyone. Please continue to contact me with the names of anyone you feel could use a thoughtful word from us. My E-mail address is and my phone number is 989-426-5842.
Thinking of you cards were sent to Judy Miles, Joanne Leblanc, Helen Harrington, Mary Hasnik, Nancy Stafford, Denise Dehn, Nancy Primeau, Vicki Roulo, Mary Hasnik, Char Cornwell, and Anna Robinson. Get well cards were sent to Dolores Wood, Janeen Poyner, Laura Combs, Tammy Drake, Nicki White and Marge Limburger. Sympathy cards were sent to Becky Sabourin, and Judy Munch.
The recent commemoration of 9-11 reminds us how crucial it is to be thankful for friends and family while we have them and to cherish the memories once we lose them.
Linda Ronne,
Auxiliary Chaplain

Dues were due June 30th and both the Aerie and Auxiliary have quite a few outstanding!! Aerie dues are $40 , Aerie Dual $16 and Auxiliary are $25 for benefit members, $24 for Non-benefit members, and $7 for Duals. Payments can be mailed to the club or accepted when in the club.

Pastie Bake
Orders for pasties this fall will be taken until October 19th—cost still at $3.00. Pasties will be made October 27th and 28th—with pastie pick-up starting on October 28th.

Annual Polish Fest
The Secord Lake Ladies Auxiliary is hosting its 6th Annual Polish Fest on Saturday, October 5th from 3 pm to 7 pm. There will be a choice of dinners and ala carte items also. They will include, Smoked or Fresh Kielbasa, Stuffed Cabbage, Sauerkraut, potato cheese and sauerkraut Pierogi. Carry outs will be available. There will be a cheer raffle and also 50/50 drawings. Please come join us for some good food and good times. The cheer basket is in the lobby so anyone willing to donate, please do so.

Moonlight Darts
Dart players, come one, come all!! Take the challenge and participate in Moonlight Darts on Saturday, October 12th at 7 PM.

Kids’ Halloween Party
The Annual Kids’ Halloween Party will be held on Saturday, October 26th from 2 - 4 PM. The sign-up sheet is in the lobby. Auxiliary sisters, candy and treats needed.

Adult Halloween Party
Come dressed-up, join the fun and enjoy some great entertainment by Kountry Klass. Starts at 7 PM on Saturday, October 26th. Live entertainment by Kountry Klass.

Annual Harvest Dinner & Bake Sale
Ok hunters, or anyone who is in the area on the opening of hunting season, Secord Lake Auxiliary is holding it’s Annual Bake Sale and Harvest Dinner Friday, November 15th Bake Sale from noon til sold out; dinner from 5—8 PM or until sold out. Dinner includes turkey, stuffing, potatoes, gravy, vegetable etc.. Open to public and you don’t need to dress up—OR COOK!!
Becky Sabourin
Kathie Hart

Slider Dinner
Saturday, November 16th, 4—8 PM there will be a Slider Dinner. Anyone that has attended before knows—great food—great price!!! Come join us!!

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